Thursday, May 22, 2014

How Blazers With Floral Prints Make Men More Stylish

Just when fashion was starting to go the minimalist route, menswear took a turn to the fancier side of life. Mens fashion runways around the world embrace art with floral print blazers of different designs, colors, and styles. Sport coats, or blazers as some might call them, are all the hype for sleek, trendy men, both in and out of the office. The great benefits that come with wearing sport coats are numerous. Style is never compromised for a guy who sports a creative floral print blazer all while still maintaining a symbol of masculinity. A gentleman's ability to wear floral print blazers for men shows the world that he is indeed flexible, adaptable, and savvy. Blazers with floral prints make men more fashionable simply because of their craftsmanship, color way, and the fact that they are always current in terms of trending mens fashion.
Cyan Blue Blazer-

Craftsmanship is surely a feature of clothing that most fashion conscious, dapper guys take seriously. A blazer being the right cut and tailored to a slim-fit is exactly what the style gurus ordered! Precise craftsmanship coupled up with artsy prints (whether antique grunge, or colorful contemporary-styles) makes floral printed blazer jackets a sure fire way to stay stylish. The sizing of most blazer sport coats run true to mens sizing however, its definitely not uncommon to have the coat tailored for the exact match. Blazers for summer and spring are worn as long sleeved, however three quarter or shorter sleeves have become popular for many men as well.

One of the most prominent features of flowers or floral prints are their colors. Make no mistake that floral prints must be bold. Bold colors surely rock, but not everyone might be affixed to those bright, loud colors. Floral print blazers luckily are available in a wide variety of colors. Hues from dark, earthy tones, to surreal black and white colors are very much popular with the menswear style crowd. Most people might assume that colors of  flowers should  always be pink, or bright yellow. It’s completely  natural  for a guy to feel uneasy to sport those colors, especially  around his pals.  The truth  is, colorful blazers make you look alive; and indeed more noticeable!  Bear in mind that he who can  sport  such a daring piece of garment,  must extrude confidence.  And confidence is something  that most  women notice first in terms of attractive features of a guy. Women have long resonated with  floral prints as being beautiful, fresh, alive, and pure. Why not act as a magnet for  all the features she loves and sport a floral blazer? After all, a blazer jacket is   generally a man’s clothing.  Some of the more popular floral print blazer styles are the multicolor (pink, earth blue, purple) blazer, the white/black floral blazer, and white blazers with not so many other colors of flowers printed on the background ( say 2 , 3 max). Most men opt for the less colorful floral blazers as they want to play it safe, all while remaining trendy, cool, and yes, pure!
Mens Fashion Blazers

Season after season, floral prints have been the one time tested design be it spring or winter, that has captivated audiences. Many other patterns of blazers (geometric, embroidered, graphic art) are still cool, by all means; however they simply are not as popular as a floral print which is seen as a must-have essential. Fashion is the industry that moves quickly. Yes  floral  print  colors may change but the mere fact that the design stays current goes to show how much of an influence it has in the fashion world. There are a few designs that are based off floral print blazers; one of them being paisley.  Paisley print is really floral prints with a little twist. Of course paisley is not as fresh looking as floral prints, however it is surely in style as well.
Cool Floral Print Blazer

Floral print blazers continue to be at the center of style for men. Focusing on the benefits such as the craftsmanship, colorway, and fact that they are currently in style surely is what allows most trendy guys to embrace the trend and take on a confident, pure, and more alive look to their appearance.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Slim Fit Men Blazers Are The Trend This Decade

One might assume that most men are interested in retaining a traditional look. However, with modern culture and a contemporary means of socializing, comes modern fashion. Not that wearing slim fit clothes are feminine for a man, but simply the mere fact that precise tailoring looks NEATER, men have been interested in slim fit attire that compliments their style in a fashion-forward way. Blazers, an essential menswear item is surely one of te top slim fit items worn by men. With so many colors and patterns of blazer jackets, men can choose between three MAIN slim fit blazer kinds when shopping.

1. Solid Color Men Blazers

Solid color blazers are surely some of the most worn blazer jackets and most guys embrace them because, well, they are solid colored. Wearing an all blue, green, red, or even orange blazer will keep your outfit moderate given that it doesn't have much going on ( patterns, spikes, etc). Menswear is diverse and that certainly includes blazer jackets. Some men want to be simple but contemporary and the solid color blazers are the perfect fit for them with its slim fit tailoring coupled up with whichever unique cool color is chosen.

2. Slim Fit Wool Blazer Coats

Technically speaking, Most blazers or sport coats do have some wool in them to ensure quality and warmth; after all, they are coats! Wool blazers are available as a solid color but more prevalently are sold plaid or checkered which is great for the office. Plaid blazers you ask? Yes, and that brings us to our next style.

3. Plaid Blazers

Plaid blazer jackets are defiantly a common choice for men when blazer hunting. In fact, when most business savvy guys think of a men's blazer, they picture a plaid coffee or brown colored jacket that's worn casually or professionally. The timeless plaid design and pattern is worn regularly by many men daily. Some men even opt to ditch the regular black office blazer jacket for the plaid.

Slim fit blazer jackets for men are increasingly prevalent and are stylish in today's modern fashion culture. Whether the style of choice is solid color, wool, or plaid, men can enjoy being fashionable without being uncomfortable. Sim fit blazer jackets can be shopped for at many retailers but be sure they are modern pieces as some stores just sell traditional fits that aren't necessarily slim fit.